Policy Procedure
  1. Sign‐in, following sign‐in procedure.
  2. When pulling out a coach, it is each employee’s responsibility to take a VIR book, WHIRL book, appropriate signs if needed, name tag, count sheet and schedules to the bus.
  3.  Prior to opening a new VIR or WHIRL sheet, the driver must check that the prior VIR has no write‐ups. If a write‐up is found, the driver must ensure that a mechanic or supervisor has signed off on the write‐up.
  4. When pulling out a coach warm it, at idle, between 5 (minimum) and 10 (absolute maximum) minutes before leaving the yard.
  5. When backing a coach out of storage, permission must be requested & granted (over the 2‐way radio) prior to the maneuver.
  6. Adequate air pressure must be reached before moving the bus outside the building. Whenever a bus is on inside the building, a door must be open and the ventilation system must be on.
  7. A 2‐way Radio Check and Light Check (including yield sign, 4‐way flashers backup lights and brake lights) shall be made before leaving the yard. Be sure the Supervisor on duty or another driver acknowledges it.
  8. Any problems shall be reported to the Supervisor on duty immediately.
  9. When taking a bus with an un‐cleared counter, check the previous VIR to make sure it is written down before clearing it.
  10. Wheelchair lifts must be cycled before placing the vehicle in service for the day and at every crew change unless otherwise instructed. When snow is present, never deploy the lift in an unplowed area to test the lift.
City Policy Revised: 11/12/2014