CASTA advocates at both the state and federal level for effective transit policy, technical issues and equitable and sustainable transit funding. CASTA’s reputation both in Colorado and nationally is one of solid relationships, sound statistical analysis and common-sense policy. Efforts include legislation, cabinet-level policy discussions, rulemaking and building coalitions with like-minded organizations.

In Colorado, CASTA has advocated around a number of bills and initiatives.  In 2016 CASTA strongly supported the Yield to Bus bill which was passed into law that year.  A number of agencies requested this change to our state law because the yield to bus sign was one of the most cost-effective and safest methods to help transit buses keep to their tight schedule without impeding traffic.  In 2021 CASTA testified in support of SB21-260 because it brought ongoing funding for multimodal transit and financial support for Colorado transit agencies transitioning their fleets to zero-emission vehicles.

We also weigh in at the federal level and are careful to keep the Colorado delegation up to date on agencies’ needs as they discuss critical legislation.  During COVID, we met regularly with delegation staff to discuss relief funding for transit, how transit agencies in the state were faring and how so many stepped up in new ways to serve their communities.

In federal FY22, CASTA coordinated the Colorado Transit Coalition (CTC) a group of transit agencies that went together to hire a lobbyist and produced materials to request Congressionally Directed Spending funding for agencies around the state.  This strategy gives agencies, especially smaller and more likely rural agencies access to this pot of funding.  The group was quite successful and drew over $6 million dollars to five transit projects. We’re excited to see how we do in FY23!

For more information on CASTA’s legislative efforts contact Ann at the CASTA offices.