The Colorado Association of Transit Agencies proudly provides a variety of professional development services for the transit professionals throughout the state of Colorado. CASTA is dedicated to working with transit agencies to coordinate training classes for their agencies, secure training resources for classes, apply for training scholarships, or bring training sessions to the wider Colorado transit community at conference or regional training. Alongside of planning quality training opportunities, CASTA works to recognize Colorado transit professionals who are doing good work around the state and beyond as well as provide opportunities for transit employee appreciation and other fun activities which give value to the hard work our members do throughout the year. To learn more, peruse this professional development page or contact our program manager, Joseph Parks at [email protected], for other questions or information requests.

CASTA strives to ensure that its facilities and events are accessible to individuals with various disabilities. If you believe that you may require an accommodation or have any questions about the accessibility of our programs please contact Ann Rajewski | 303.839.5197 |