Get Ready to Hop on Board!

Stay tuned for updated information about the Zero Fare Program in 2024.


During the months of June-August 2023, public transit agencies around the state of Colorado joined together to take part in the Zero Fare for Better Air initiative.

This collaborative, statewide initiative, made possible by Colorado Senate Bill 22-180, in partnership with the Colorado Energy Office, is designed to reduce ground level ozone by increasing use of public transit. Transit riders will benefit from the program as many transit agencies allow riders to take transit this summer, during Colorado’s high ozone season.

We hope you enjoy taking advantage of the Zero Fare program to try transit to get to work, school, a Doctor’s appointment, or a weekend exploring Colorado.

Zero Fare August Participants

2023 Participating Agencies

Check out our map to see the agencies that participated in the Zero Fare program for the Ozone Season in 2023, as well as those who provide fare-free transit year-round.

Click the Map to view the 2023 data.

Seatbelt Check!

Some of La Junta's youngest riders enjoying Zero Fare August 2022. They used public transit to get to the library, pool, park, and more!

Transit Agency Resources

CASTA has applied to administer the Zero Fare program for the public transit agencies other than RTD. Interested agencies may find the program application and other resources at the end of this page.