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During the months of June, July and August of 2023, public transit agencies around the state of Colorado will join together to take part in the Zero Fare for Better Air initiative.

This collaborative, statewide initiative, made possible by Colorado Senate Bill 22-180, in partnership with the Colorado Energy Office, is designed to reduce ground level ozone by increasing use of public transit. Transit riders will benefit from the program as many transit agencies, including RTD, allow riders to take transit this summer, during Colorado’s high ozone season.

We hope you enjoy taking advantage of Zero Fare Summer to try transit to get to work, school, a Doctor’s appointment, or a weekend exploring Colorado.

Zero Fare August Participants

2023 Participating Agencies

Check out our map to see the agencies that are participating in the Zero Fare program for the Ozone Season in 2023, as well as those who provide fare-free transit year-round.

Click the Map to view the 2023 data.

All Points Transit

All Points Transit will be utilizing the Zero Fare Program to offer free fares on both the Montrose Public Flex routes and the MOD Express from July 10th through August 31st. The Montrose Public Flex Routes run Monday through Friday, 6:30am through 7:00pm. With the Zero Fare Program, All Points Transit is coordinating the launch of The MOD Express, a new commuter bus style route connecting the communities of Montrose, Olathe, and Delta. This service will operate Monday through Friday, 7:00am to 5:00pm.

Archuleta County Mountain Express Transit

Mountain Express transit will offer free fares on a flexible fixed route to Durango via Arboles weekly on Thursdays, which services the Durango Airport, Mercy Regional Hospital, as well as multiple governmental services not offered in Archuleta County. They will also offer free fares on a fixed route within the greater Pagosa Springs area. Seniors 60 and over currently ride this route free, and the Zero Fare program will allow riders 59 and under to ride free. They also plan to expand service to the Aspen Springs community through an express fixed route providing 2 stops 3 times per day Monday – Friday.

Town of Basalt

The Town of Basalt will offer free fares on a new free transit service that will run from June 1 – August 31 and include the daily hours of 10am – 3pm, Monday – Friday. The service is an on-demand shuttle service, intended to be a last mile option for those who will then ride the regional RFTA transit or who are seeking a local ride within the Basalt town limits. The Town will also utilize Zero Fare funding to increase the daily hours of operation during June, July and August.

Boulder County

Boulder County will be utilizing the Zero Fare program to expand their free transit services from July 5 to August 31. Ride Free Lafayette service will add one additional vehicle for three service hours each morning, 8:00 to 11:00 am, Monday through Friday. Lyons Flyer service will add a fourth round trip between Boulder and Lyons in the middle of the day from ~12:00 to 1:30 pm, Monday through Friday. These expansions will increase flexibility and reliability and decrease wait times for the services.

The Chaffee Shuttle

With the Zero Fare program, the Chaffee Shuttle will be implementing a new Salida – Howard hybrid fixed route offered on Mondays. Starting on Friday, May 26, the existing Mt. Goat Line between Salida and Buena Vista on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays will also offer extended hours of operation and more frequent service, and they will expand upon the current on-demand transit service by extending operating hours as well as offering an early morning connection to Bustang Outrider when in-advance appointment is made. They will also increase the availability of on demand services in Salida on Tuesdays and Wednesdays by adding a driver and van to the current schedule.

Durango Transit – City of Durango

The City of Durango will offer Durango Transit’s existing services free of charge, including all five fixed-loop transit routes serving all points within Durango city limits as well as paratransit service. These services operate 7 days a week from 8am to 9pm.

Estes Transit – Town of Estes Park

Estes Transit will extend the hours of the Town’s most popular route, the Red Route (downtown trolley) an extra two (2) hours daily to better accommodate use of the downtown parking structure. They will offer free parking at the downtown parking structure as well, encouraging ridership through availability and marketing.

Fountain Municipal Transit

Fountain Municipal transit will offer free fares with the Zero Fare program throughout the entirety of the eligible period of June-August on their route. The service is available Mon-Fri 4:55am to 8:35pm, and Saturdays 9:00am to 4:50pm. On Mondays through Fridays it runs with a 45-minute interval with two vehicles on route, and on Saturdays it runs with a 90-minute interval with one vehicle one route.

Grand Valley Transit (Mesa County)

Through the Zero Fare program, GVT will offer system wide fare free service for all fixed route and paratransit riders from July 28, 2023 to August 31, 2023. Grand Valley Transit’s fixed-route service offers eleven routes connecting the City of Grand Junction, City of Fruita, Town of Palisade, and parts of unincorporated Mesa County within the metro area. This service, as well as the paratransit service, operate full service days from Monday through Saturday.

Greeley-Evans Transit

Greeley-Evans Transit will offer free fares through the Zero Fare program on multiple services. This includes fixed-route service of 8 routes, ADA complementary paratransit service, and general public demand response service (Call-N-Ride) from June-August.

La Junta Transit

La Junta Transit will be offering free fares on their curb-to-curb service, which runs every 45 minutes. This service will run Monday – Friday, 7am to 4pm. All rides in June, July and August will be offered free of cost, including from the daycares to the library and swimming pool. 

Mountain Metro Transit

Mountain Metro Transit will offer free fares on every route from June through August, including fixed route and ADA paratransit. With the Zero Fare program, they expect ridership to increase across many categories, intending to make the largest community impact available.

Northeastern Colorado Association of Local Governments (NECALG)/Prairie Express

NECALG will offer services through the Zero Fare program during the month of August on the Prairie Express fixed route in Sterling, Colorado;  two staggered routes covering eighteen stops throughout the city, including at the Northeastern Junior College,  where a bus stops every 30 minutes, Monday through Friday, beginning at 6:52 a.m., and every hour on Saturday, beginning at 7:00 a.m. The last stop is at about 6:45 p.m.

City of Pueblo

Through the Zero Fare program, the City of Pueblo will be implementing multiple free services. A route will be added from the city’s largest food distribution site, Care and Share, to the Transit Center; A route will be piloted from Pueblo Rescue Mission to a laundromat once every two weeks; A courtesy shuttle will be provided during the Colorado State Fair; A courtesy shuttle will also be provided for Pride Fest. Pueblo Transit will also extend the Free Fare program for youth under 18 during the summer, and parents accompanying youth in elementary school can also ride free.

South Central Council of Governments

South Central Council of Governments will offer services through the Zero Fare program from June through August. Free fares will be offered for previously operated demand response routes, including within Trinidad from Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm, and within Walsenburg on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 7am-3pm, with Tuesdays and Thursdays as scheduled.

Vail Transit

Vail Transit will be implementing a new service, the East Vail Hiker Shuttle, which will run between the Vail Transportation Center and the East Vail neighborhood of Vail including four popular trailheads. This fare-free service will run through Ozone Season, adding more frequency to the East Vail route. This route will provide additional transportation options to people traveling to trailheads as well as Downtown Vail.

Seatbelt Check!

Some of La Junta's youngest riders enjoying Zero Fare August 2022. They used public transit to get to the library, pool, park, and more!

For riders statewide, check out the Zero Fare landing page to see more information about the program and which agencies are participating around you.

Transit Agency Resources

CASTA has applied to administer the Zero Fare program for the public transit agencies other than RTD. Interested agencies may find the program application and other resources at the end of this page.