Colorado enjoys a unique transit profile. 60 out of the 64 counties in Colorado provide transit for their citizens and visitors. Transit service in Colorado can be characterized in five general categories.

Rural Transit

Rural transit provides door-to-door service (also known as demand-response service) to elderly, people with disabilities and those without access to cars. CASTA membership includes rural provides along the eastern plains, southern communities, and the western slope.

Non-profit Transit

Private non-profit transit providers provide similar service in larger communities to supplement fixed route services.

Mountain Transit

Mountain transit systems provide critical employment and recreational transportation to resorts. Although these agencies are categorized as “rural” transit funding streams, their performance is similar to that of robust small urban systems. These systems operate along fixed routes within and between communities.

Small Urban Systems

Small urban systems serve Colorado’s fast-growing and dynamic communities with primarily fixed-route services.

Large Urban Systems

Large urban systems in Colorado are known for thinking about transit in new ways and implementing innovative transportation solutions.

Business Members

CASTA’s business members bring knowledge and experience on a range of transit-related products and services.