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Read on to learn about CASTA’s 2021 accomplishments & goals for 2022.

Here are some highlights from 2021:


Our advocacy over the last few years paid off and the statewide NEMT brokerage was discontinued.

Worked with Legislators

We worked with our state legislators to help them understand the funding needs for transit agencies in Colorado which resulted in multimodal funding included in SB 260.

Originated forums

Organized multiple educational and informational forums on various topics of interest to member agencies.

Spun up the CTC

Mid year we spun up the Colorado Transit Coalition (CTC) in order to allow agencies of all sizes to participate in a statewide Congressionally Designated Spending request. 5 of our 7 participating agencies are currently included in the FY22 Appropriations Bill which will likely be considered this month

It has been an honor serving the CASTA membership in 2021. We hope that our work this year was beneficial to you and your agency and that you will renew your CASTA membership for 2022. We cannot accomplish anything without your support. We are much stronger together than we are as individual entities!

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CASTA begins the Agency Dues Renewal Process every Fall. In November, agency primary contacts will receive an email from CASTA with a message from the CASTA Board President and the link to complete the Agency Membership Dues form.