Policy Procedure
  1. All items must be out of the path of the bus washing machine prior to the machine being operated.
  2. An operator must be within 10 paces of the control panel while the bus washing machine is operating.
  3. The bus washing machine must be back to the original start position prior to the bus pulling out of the wash‐bay.
  4. As with all other roll‐up doors at Steamboat Springs Transit facilities, the door must be completely up before a bus is pulled in or out.
  5. All electrical cords in any area prone to being wet, including but not limited to the wash‐bay, must be coiled up and off the floor.
  6. Do not operate the Hotsy or Seat washing machine without first getting permission and training from a supervisor.
  7. Make sure that the Hotsy hose is cooled and coiled up prior to leaving the
  8. The wash hose must be coiled up and hung on the wall when it is not in use.
  9. Mops and brushes are not to be left in the bucket.
  10. Make sure that the oil recorder is “zeroed” out prior to dispensing oil.
  11. Use the correct fuel and oil for each vehicle.
  12. All fuel and oil dispensing must be done by hand.
  13. The fuel‐dispensing nozzle should be constantly monitored while fueling and within arm’s length.
  14. Both the driver and wash assistant shall ensure that the nozzle has been removed prior to moving the bus, the nozzle properly hung up, and fuel pump turned off.
  15. The Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) (80s series) should be added if the gauge reads less than 1/3 of a tank.
  16. Record the amount of fuel and DEF added to each bus on the VIR with your initials.
  17. The wash‐bay shall be left clean after each use. This includes but is not limited to, pick up and removal of all trash, emptying of the mop bucket, placing all rags in the proper area and sweeping, shoveling and rinsing the floor.
City Policy Revised: 11/12/2014