Policy Procedure
  1. When you pull in a coach: COMPLETE V.I.R. and W.H.I.R.L. AS DIRECTED. ALWAYS allow enough time for the turbo to cool down before shutting off the ignition. The
    knife switch should never be used to shut off a bus, always use the ignition switch.

    1. Insure that radios and all switches are off.
    2. Gear selector should be placed in park or left in neutral, and the brake must be set.
    3. Walk to the back of the bus picking up trash and lost and found items, closing open windows and roof hatches.
    4. When you pull in a bus that will be going out again the same day, walk through and pick up trash, bring in signs and lost items, name tags, etc.
  2. Make sure passenger counts are recorded on the count sheet and VIR before clearing the counter.
  3. After ignition shutdown (a period of 2 minutes or longer), shut off the knife switch and release the air valve for the air tank.
City Policy Revised: 11/12/2014