Policy Procedure
  1. Buses will be stopped parallel to the road. If there is a curb, the bus should be 6″ to 12″ from the curb. If it is not possible to do this, then the operator should stop at least 4 feet away from the curb.
  2. Any time the bus does an in‐street stop, the park brake must be set.
    3. All stops will be made in a manner to prevent a vehicle from passing between the passengers exit door and the curb.
  3.  Four‐way flashers shall be manually turned on whenever the bus is stopped.
  4. Always clear the stop request prior to leaving a stop.
  5. If an operator will be late for a transfer connection, he or she is to radio the other operator involved.
  6.  Operators will make stops only at designated bus stops. A complete list of all stops will be available at the Transit Office.
  7.  Stopovers en‐route are not permitted without permission from the Supervisor, and when made, the bus must be out of the way of traffic.
  8.  It is permissible to arrive at a stop ahead of schedule. However, do not leave any stop ahead of schedule.
  9.  Every operator must know the correct time. You must provide your own small clock or watch. Watches are to be set by the clock in the Supervisor’s office and shall be checked daily before beginning your shift.
  10. If you are running 5 or more minutes late departing the Gondola Transit Center (either direction) and/or the Stockbridge Multi‐modal Center, notify the
    Supervisor on duty via radio.
  11.  If you find a vehicle parked in a Bus Stop, please make a full round, and if that vehicle is still there call it into the Supervisor on duty. We will need the exact location, vehicle description and license number if possible. This does not guarantee the vehicle will be towed. We will notify the Police Department.
City Policy Revised: 11/12/2014