Payroll is executed at regular intervals each month. Time and attendance for each
employee will approved by the employee’s Director/Manager or in the Director/Manager’s
absence, the Director/Manager’s designee. The Accountant shall review approved time for
each employee and process payroll. All employees shall receive their pay either by direct
deposits or physical check. Monthly payroll expenses shall be verified by the accountant
against payroll reports and direct deposit reports and reconciled with checking account

The compensation of the President & CEO shall be determined by the Board of Directors or
their designees, and President & CEO compensation is based on a board-approved process
that considers comparable data and President & CEO performance. The Finance Committee
shall be given a report annually of all highly compensated employees for review.

The salaries of all other employees shall be approved by the President & CEO. Wage and
Salary range based on market data, as well as procedures for wage or salary adjustments
will be developed and implemented by the HR Manager and approved by the President &