To keep track of the transit industry as a whole and provide public information and statistics as
it continues to grow, FTA’s National Transit Database (NTD) records the financial, operating and
asset condition of transit systems.

After data reporting was required by Congress in 1974, the NTD was set up to be the repository
of data about the financial, operating and asset conditions of American transit systems. The NTD
is designed to support local, state and regional planning efforts and help governments and other
decision-makers make multi-year comparisons and perform trend analyses. It contains a wealth
of information such as agency funding sources, inventories of vehicles and maintenance facilities,
safety event reports, measures of transit service provided and consumed, and data on transit

FTA recipients from the Urbanized Area Formula Program (5307) or Rural Formula Program
(5311) are required to submit data to the NTD in uniform categories through the Internet-based

Village Shuttle NTD data is gathered from ridership reports; financial reports that are tied to
audited year end variance reports; and accident/incident logs. The NTD report information is
compiled and submitted annually upon request of FTA and CDOT. CDOT requests the data at the
beginning of each calendar year for previous year data.