Driver trip sheets (Exhibit 3) are the primary record for Village Shuttle ridership and performance
measures data collection.

Passenger counts are conducted by hand and both this data and the mileage driven during shifts
are recorded on the trip sheet. Detailed models of service days, hours, and miles are created
using data from trip sheets. Percentages are then developed to allocate Service Miles and Hours
to specific routes by season and adjusted to account for additional Floater hours.

Excel spreadsheets maintain the daily data collected by route for reporting and comparison
purposes. These spreadsheets track the following performance information:

  • Monthly Ridership;
  • Monthly and Annual Service Miles and Service Hours by Route and Season;
  • Cost Per Passenger;
  • Passenger Per Mile;
  • Passenger Per Hour; and
  • Vehicle Repair Costs Per Month (to determine true MPG);
    • Labor Cost Per Hour;
    • Labor Cost Per Mile; and
    • Parts Per Mile

Monthly operating service statistics and data is provided to CDOT as part of the monthly
operating report request (MOR).