Village Shuttle staff is responsible for detailed tracking, investigation, and timely resolution of
complaints. All complaints are logged in an electronic file system by type of complaint (service,
Title VI, ADA) and the Transportation Director monitors this file monthly to ensure all complaints
are properly investigated and resolved promptly.

Customer complaints are received at the main office, either verbal or written (received through
the website), most commonly by the Transportation Supervisors or Transportation Director.

Staff asks for a description of the complaint to include the driver name, time of incident, date of
incident, and route number. The Supervisors or Director then interview the driver or any other
staff involved in the complaint, review any available data or camera footage available, and make
an assessment of necessary disciplinary action. The Supervisors or Director then call the
complainant with the resolution decision. The complainant is given the option for a follow up on
the actions taken if a driver was in error.