1. Drivers must not leave their vehicles (except to escort passengers) while in service, except in cases of emergency.
  2. Before leaving the vehicle, the driver must set the parking brake firmly and make sure that it holds or use wheel chocks, place gear lever in neutral position or park, turn the engine off and take the keys. If the vehicle is on the slightest hill (either uphill or downhill), set the front wheels to the curb.
  3. While carrying passengers, operators are not permitted to leave a vehicle at any point along the route to buy or eat a meal or to transact personal business.
  4. When carrying passengers with severely diminished capacity for understanding, do not leave them unattended. If the schedule requires leaving the vehicle to load/unload other passengers, be sure that all clients are secure and that driver will not be away from the vehicle for more than 1-2 minutes. If there is a concern about leaving a particular passenger, call dispatch for advice.
  5. During layovers, drivers must lock and secure the vehicle if it is left unattended. This is done for security reasons.