1. Railroad crossings ARE POINTS OF EXTREME DANGER. The utmost care must be exercised when approaching and crossing them.
  2. You must approach any railroad crossing at a speed not exceeding twenty-five (25) miles per hour during the last one hundred (100) feet of approach; and, must bring your vehicle to a full and complete stop at a point where you can see the track clearly in both directions, but not less than fifteen (15) feet or more than fifty (50) feet from the nearest rail of such track. While stopped you are to listen and look in both directions along the track for any approaching railroad train or other vehicle using the rails.
  3. When approaching railroad crossings, pull to the right as far as possible and activate hazard signals at least 150 feet prior to the nearest rail.
  4. No stop need be made at a rail crossing where an officer is on duty and directs traffic to proceed, or the track and the street is regulated by a red, yellow, green traffic signal.
  5. After making a stop at any railroad grade crossing, the shifting of gears is prohibited until all tracks have been crossed. Coasting with gears in neutral or clutch engaged on approach to any railroad grade crossing is also prohibited.
  6. Do not start vehicle after making a railroad crossing safety stop when gate or other mechanical signal device is sounding or flashing a warning, except when there is a flag man on duty who gives you a signal to proceed.
  7. Should vehicle become stalled on a track, immediately request and assist passengers to alight to a place of safety. Then make every effort under the existing conditions to stop trains approaching from either direction.
  8. Where crossings are protected by gates, such stops must be made at a location that will permit proper operation of the crossing gates when trains are approaching.
  9. At night, dome lights are to be turned off. This assures you greater visibility in looking for oncoming trains.
  10. Nothing contained in this rule shall be so construed as to relieve you of the responsibility in any case of exercising due caution to be certain that the way is clear before proceeding over a crossing.