1. Any time you have a mechanical problem, you must document it carefully and accurately on the bottom section of your Daily Pre/Post-Trip form.  Use the back if more space is needed.  In addition, Problem Report forms are available in the office.  These can be filled out after your shift and placed in the “in” basket in the dispatch office.
  2. Only through accurate reporting of mechanical problems by all operators can the vehicle fleet be maintained in top condition. This is a team job that requires compliance by all operators so that the vehicle you take from the lot each day will be free from mechanical defects.  You will assist the supervisor in locating and reporting trouble quickly by describing mechanical difficulties as fully as possible.  Vehicle mechanics don’t operate vehicles under actual load conditions.  Your clear and complete explanation of problems will let them know where and how to start repairs.
  3. In case of accident, report any damage to vehicle, no matter how slight on your pre/post trip sheet.
  4. Keep your dash clear of anything that might obscure the important mechanical gauges that need your frequent monitoring.