1. Operators must not use any personal radios or other electronic, audio or video devices for the purpose of listening to broadcasts while operating vehicles or at recovery points at any time.  We are obligated to provide all passengers with the highest degree of care, and the playing of any of these devices can be quite distracting to your driving and to your ability to operate the vehicle safely.
  2. Passengers should not operate radios, tape players, or other audio or video devices when it annoys other passengers on any vehicle in regular route service. A passenger may, however, operate a device with the proper use of earphones.
  3. When a passenger violates the above guidelines, courteously inform him/her playing radios without earphones violates regulations. Should the passenger fail to comply with your request, call the dispatcher  for your instructions.
  4. If a passenger asks you, as driver, to turn down the bus radio or a tape player,  or to change the channel, turn the radio off until the passenger leaves the vehicle.