Late Cancellation

  • A late cancellation is defined as any ride for which an authorized transit vehicle has been
    dispatched to the designated pick-up location and the rider calls to cancel the request for
    transit service. It is Village Shuttle’s policy that cancellation of a reservation must be made
    prior to the bus being dispatched. Therefore, any late cancellations will be treated as a no
    show and may lead to suspension of service.

No Show

  • A no show is any ride for which an authorized transit vehicle arrives at the designated
    pick-up location and the passenger is not present to board the vehicle. If riders are unable
    to keep the scheduled appointment time, they should notify Village Shuttle as quickly as
    possible. Failure to do so may result in the recording of a “no show.”
    Village Shuttle Policies and Procedures 30

Demand Response and Paratransit Procedures

  • Due to the nature and scheduling of our transit system, demand response service does
    not currently require any strict tracking procedures or penalties for late cancellations or
    no shows. If the driver has been dispatched and the passenger is not available for pickup,
    the driver will wait no more than three (3) minutes for the passenger to arrive.
  • In the instance of a no show for paratransit service only, if the passenger is not at the
    designated pick-up location, the Driver will notify a Village Shuttle Foreperson/Dispatcher
    who will attempt to reach the rider by telephone. If the passenger cannot be located,
    Village Shuttle will record the trip as a no show. A record of all no shows will be
    maintained at the Village Shuttle administrative office.
  • Currently, Village Shuttle is not experiencing any issues with late cancellations or no
    shows for paratransit service. As stated in our ADA Paratransit Service Plan though, if no
    shows become a problem for ADA paratransit riders, Village Shuttle will establish an ADA
    no-show policy with input from the disability community.