The TOSV and Village Shuttle engage the public in its planning and decision-making processes, as
well as its marketing and outreach activities. The public is invited to participate in the process
whether through public meetings or surveys. As an agency receiving federal financial assistance,
the TOSV provides for the following community outreach efforts:

  • Town Council meetings are held on the first and third Monday of each month at 4:00 pm. All
    meetings are held in the Council Chambers at Snowmass Village Town Hall, 130 Kearns Road,
    Snowmass Village, CO unless otherwise posted. The public is welcome to attend meetings
    and address the Mayor and Town Council. The public can also email each Council member
    and if the Town Clerk is cc’d, then the email is considered public record.
  • The Town of Snowmass Village is conducting two major strategic plans that will shape the
    future of the community: the Community Connectivity Plan (CCP) and the Parks, Open Space,
    Trails, and Recreation (POSTR) Master Plan. Together, these plans will aim to connect people
    to places and the outdoors through world-class opportunities for both local residents and
    visitors alike. To accomplish this, meaningful public involvement throughout the planning
    process is essential. The initial Open House was held on Tuesday, October 6, 2015 in the
    Snowmass Rec Center Gymnasium. The Town is also offering an online survey tool to discuss
    priorities for recreational and connectivity opportunities in the Town of Snowmass Village.
    All information is provided on the Town’s website:
  • As part of the Community Connectivity Plan there will be six Technical Advisory Committee
    (TAC) meetings. Representatives from the community and impacted organizations will be
    participating in the TAC meetings roughly once a month.
    Village Shuttle Policies and Procedures 29

Service Changes

Village Shuttle transit services will be routinely adjusted in response to the seasons, the needs of
the community, productivity of the route, and resources available for operating services.

Any changes to the transit service are usually made as part of a planning process for each
upcoming winter season considered in the fall of each year, to coincide with the town’s annual
budget process. Changes may include adjustments to routes, stops, and schedules.

All substantive service changes go to the Town Council for consideration. Village Shuttle will
announce on the TOSV website the changes being considered and opportunities for public
comment at the TOSV Town Council meeting. Town Council meeting dates and times are also
advertised, to include the dates for the Town Council annual budget consideration and adoption
process. The opportunity for comment will be advertised at least seven (7) days in advance of the
public meeting.

Any final changes will be posted at most one month prior to the effective date of the change.

In this process, Village Shuttle will seek out and consider viewpoints of minority and Limited
English Proficient (LEP) populations as described in our Title VI Program Plan.

Minor or short-term changes to schedules, routes and/or bus stops that may be needed at any
time due to construction, detours, or weather are not covered by this policy but will be instituted
as needed. Customers will be notified of minor or short-term changes through on-board flyers
and notices posted at bus stops, as appropriate.