Village Shuttle develops, prints, and distributes public information such as schedules and route
maps for all service seasons. This information is updated by season on an annual basis.
Public schedule and map information is provided on-board transit buses; at transit stations and
bus stops; on the TOSV Village Shuttle website; and seasonal changes are advertised in the local

Printed Village Shuttle transit schedule information is available in English but because schedules
and maps are available on the TOSV website, all materials can be translated via the Google

Translator function. Public information is also available, upon request, in alternative ADA
accessible formats.

Information on the Village Shuttle website includes transit services offered; how to ride the bus
and passenger conduct policies; Title VI and ADA notices and complaint information;staff, service
history and fleet details; accessibility services; and upcoming service changes and opportunities
to comment.

In the event weather conditions make operations unsafe and/or the Village Shuttle needs to
significantly curtail scheduled operations, or shutdown; all reasonable efforts shall be made to
notify major businesses and local authorities.