Unruly Passengers

Currently the only reason a rider may be suspended from service is due to unruly behavior. The
Village Shuttle does not suspend service for late cancellations or no shows at this time.

Drivers are given the authority to suspend service to an unruly passenger if there is the threat of
personal injury to the driver or other passengers, offensive language or actions are compromising
to other passengers, and/or the unruly passenger is a threat to themselves or property. If
intoxication is involved, every effort will be made to contact the police department to address
the safety of the unruly passenger.

Unruly passengers who have been suspended are contacted by the Transportation Director after
he has evaluated the information regarding the incident. Baring an unruly passenger from future
service is done through a written letter stating the reason for the ban and the potential duration
of the ban from service. Passengers can appeal the suspension to the Town Manager following
the appeal process defined below.

Right of Appeal

The written service suspension notice submitted to a suspended person shall also be used to
notify riders of their right to appeal the decision to the Town Manager or his/her designee.

The passenger must appeal the decision within five (5) days of the notice of suspension, by
telephone. If the passenger requests an appeal hearing, the hearing shall be held by the Town Manager or his/her designee as soon as practicable. The appeal hearing may be conducted in
person or by telephone. Appellants shall be provided with access to any information or records
of the Village Shuttle reasonably required to prosecute the appeal so long as the records are not
confidential. Village Shuttle shall allow the appellant to submit any written or oral testimony that
the appellant wishes to place in the record but may limit the time allotted for a hearing to such
time as the case warrants. The appellant shall have the burden of showing that the decision to
suspend service was illegal, unwarranted, arbitrary, or erroneous.

Following the appeal, the Town Manager or his/her designee shall render a decision as soon as
practicable. The decision may be conveyed to the suspended person in writing or via phone
depending of their accessibility.
Village Shuttle will not provide service to the suspended person pending resolution of the appeal.