With clean and properly adjusted mirrors you can view what is happening in and around the vehicle with very little movement of your head.  This enables you to be immediately aware of any situation that requires prompt defensive action.


  1. Clean the side windows and mirrors as part of the vehicle pre-trip inspection. Water droplets and smudges can reflect sunlight and limit visibility.
  2. Be sure mirrors are adjusted properly before moving the vehicle. Before checking the mirrors ensure that the seat is in the proper position.
  3. Adjust the left side-view mirror so that you can see the left side of the vehicle from the rear of the front wheels to the back of the vehicle. The left side-view mirror does not cover the areas directly to your left.  For this reason you cannot pull from the curb safely without looking to be sure that there is no vehicle in that position.
  4. Adjust the interior rear-view mirror so that you get the widest possible view of the vehicle interior. When adjusted property you can also see through the rear and right side windows of the vehicle.
  5. Adjust the right side-view mirror so that you can see the right side of the vehicle, including an area outside the front and rear doors.