For acts of misconduct such as intoxication, vandalism, passenger disputes, assaults, robbery, or threat of such actions on the vehicle, you should:

  • Remain calm (speak slowly and clearly).
  • Notify the dispatcher or supervisor by giving your name and location – most importantly your location. DO NOT move vehicle from that location.
  • State the nature and seriousness of the problem.
  • Open door(s).
  • Do not detain or chase suspect(s). Note the features and mannerisms of suspects for future identification. Look for scars, tattoos, hair, eye, & skin color, clothing color and style, height & weight (approx.). To get a more accurate height, make a mental note of where his/her head reaches to in doorways or against railings.
  • Follow the dispatcher, supervisor’s and/or police instructions. Be sure to make out an Incident Report at the end of the incident.