1. Caring for and returning lost articles is an important part of our service to passengers. Operators need to walk through the vehicle at the end of a run and upon returning to the garage to look for lost articles.
  2. Articles found on vehicles, SUCAP property, or the street must be turned in at the end of your run. Call dispatch if  you have found an item and give a brief description so they will be more helpful to clients calling about a loss.
  3. If the owner claims the article before you have had time to turn it in, require the owner to describe the lost article.
  4. Articles found by passengers should be turned over to the operator. It is wise to examine the contents of purses or containers in the finder’s presence.
  5. If a passenger refuses to give up a found article, get the name and address of the passenger, if possible, and turn it in with an Incident Report. If an item appears highly valuable, call for assistance.