1. If the vehicle has mechanical trouble, try to get the vehicle to a safe place out of traffic.  Use 4-way flasher lights.
  2. If the vehicle must be stopped on a road or the shoulder of a road for more than 10 minutes, place reflective triangles at the following locations:
    • On the traffic side of the vehicle, within ten feet of the drivers side rear corner, to mark the location of the vehicle.
    • About 100 feet behind and ahead of the vehicle, on the shoulder or in the lane where the vehicle is stopped.
    • Beyond any hill, curve or other obstruction that prevents other drivers from seeing the vehicle within 500 feet
    • If vehicle is stopped on or by a one-way street or divided highway, place warning devices 10 feet, 100 feet and 200 feet toward the approaching traffic.
  3. When placing the triangles, the driver should hold them between him/herself and the oncoming traffic.