Do not use the parking brake except to hold the vehicle in a parked position.  Any time you use the parking brakes, except as noted below.  Pull the parking brake control out to apply the parking brakes, push it into release.  The control will be a yellow, diamond shaped knob labeled “parking brakes”.  Do not use parking brakes if the brakes are very hot (from just having come down a steep grade), or if the brakes are very wet in freezing temperatures.  If they are very hot they can be damaged by the heat.  If they are used in freezing temperatures when the brakes are very wet, they can freeze so the vehicle cannot move.  Use wheel chocks to hold the vehicle.  Let hot brakes cool before using the parking brakes.  If the brakes are wet, use the brakes lightly while driving in a low gear to heat and dry them.  The parking brake must be completely released at all times when the vehicle is in motion.

Do not leave a vehicle parked without first pulling the parking brake or using wheel chocks. If there is the slightest hill, up or down, the wheels must be turned to the curb.