Upon occasion, despite the City of Cripple Creek’s diligent attention to the condition of our fleet, a vehicle may break down or be disabled. The City of Cripple Creek will make every reasonable effort to provide a replacement vehicle to continue transporting clients to their intended destinations or to safely return the driver and client to their point of trip origination.

  1. In the event of a vehicle being disabled for any reason, the driver shall:
    1. Pull out of the traffic stream, if possible
    2. Turn on the four-way flashers
    3. Engage the parking brake
  2. The driver should notify the Fleet Shop immediately of the reason for the vehicle being disabled, the exact location of the vehicle, and the number of passengers on board.
  3. Staff will dispatch another vehicle to pick up the driver and any passengers, if during regular business hours.
  4. The driver should advise the passengers of the situation providing them with alternatives, the approximate time of the delay.
  5. The driver should then display the emergency road triangles, reflectors, or flares.
  6. If the event occurs after regular business hours, staff will make arrangements to return the incapacitated vehicle to its garage location, and for the safe return of the driver and passengers.
  7. If adverse weather conditions exist and wait time will be excessive, the driver should relocate the passengers to a nearby building, if possible, where they can safely wait inside for the replacement vehicle. City of Cripple Creek Transit dispatch must be notified of the address of the building in which the passengers will be waiting.