The City of Cripple Creek Transit system uses cell phones for regular communications between drivers and passengers who are seeking a ride.  However, the personal use of cell phones and texting are prohibited.  The following policies are in place to guide employee cell phone use.

  1. Passengers contact the driver directly at a cell phone number provided in printed information.  Specific messages are needed to reflect the service times and provide information about necessary breaks.  Standards for voice messages will be provided to drivers on an as-needed basis.  The driver is responsible for seeing voice messages are updated.
  2. The driver must pull to the side of the road out of the traffic stream or be at a complete standstill before placing an outgoing call.  Incoming calls should be received using available “hand free” technology.
  3. The driver is not allowed to make outgoing personal or receive incoming personal calls while transporting riders.
  4. The office may from time to time find it necessary to contact the drivers.  The driver should answer these calls, received using available “hand free” technology.
  5. The phone shall be answered in the following manner “Cripple Creek Shuttle/Cripple Creek Trolley this is “Name” may I help you.