1. The driver shall complete an Accident Report on an approved form (see attached) whenever the vehicle, driver, or passenger is involved in an accident. Incidents may be reported in memo form.
  2. The driver must, in addition to the written report, notify management immediately of any incident or accident.
  3. An incident or accident shall be defined as and include but not be limited to:
    1. Any vehicle damage
    2. Personal injury to any party
    3. Any moving violation while on duty
    4. Passenger disputes
    5. Passenger policy violations
    6. Passenger complaints
    7. Questionable package(s) left on the vehicle
  4. The driver must notify management immediately if:
    1. An accident occurs (and the driver is cited) in which a passenger is injured and must be transported by emergency services for treatment; or
    2. The vehicle is damaged to the extent that it cannot be driven from the site of the accident.
  5. If either of the conditions listed in #4 occur, the driver must immediately be removed from the vehicle by a supervisor and taken for post-accident drug and alcohol testing.