In order to maintain compliance with certain federal regulations and grant guidelines as well as to ensure the safety of our clients and passengers, the City of Cripple Creek seeks to make certain that only those individuals who are authorized and fully trained are behind the wheel of our vehicles.

  1. The driver must not allow any other individual to operate City of
    Cripple Creek vehicles at any time with the exception of:

    1. In the case of an accident or breakdown whereby an authorized City of Cripple Creek employee who as been properly trained and insured or a subcontractor such as a mechanic or tow operator who has been called in to move the vehicle.
  2. City of Cripple Creek vehicles are to be used for passenger transport only. U turns are prohibited in City shuttles and buses/trolley.
  3. The driver may not at any time use a City of Cripple Creek vehicle for personal use or divert a vehicle from its assignment for personal needs unless authorized by City of Cripple Creek management.