All transit drivers must be familiar with and operate vehicles according to guidelines provided in the City of Cripple Creek Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual.  Specifically, they must be aware of:

Chapter 9             Safety and Accident Prevention

Section 9.01        Safety

Section9.02         Department Responsibility

Section 9.03        Employee Responsibility

Section 9.04        Reporting Accident or Injury

Section 9.05        Use of Equipment and Vehicle

Section 9.06        Safety of Visitors in Work Place


Chapter 12          Driving Guidelines

Section 12.01      Driver Qualifications

Section 12.02      Driving Records

Section 12.03      Proof of Personal Automobile Insurance

Section 12.04      Acceptable and unacceptable Driving Records

Section 12.05      Reporting a Serious Violation

Section12.06      Vehicle Operating Policies and Procedures

Section12.07      Smoking in City Vehicles


In addition, transit drivers must follow the procedures in this Manual addressing the specific requirements of providing transit service to the general public.