Policy Procedure


Safety is the top priority of Steamboat Springs Transit.  Any activity that does not promote safety is intolerable.










               City Policy

               State Law

               Federal Law

The safety of passengers, and drivers is important at all times.  All employees must exercise care to prevent injury to persons or damage to property at all times.

The Department of Transportation prohibit passengers standing in front of the yellow line or in the stairwells while the bus is in motion.  All bus drivers must enforce this regulation at all times.

The bus should not be moved until all children, disabled, or elderly are seated.

Keep to the published schedule and route.  Under all conditions, operate according to the schedules in a safe manner.  Safety is of much greater importance than the schedule.

Operation of equipment at an unsafe or unlawful speed to make up lost time or maintain a schedule is prohibited.  Drive defensively at all times.

Safe operation of a bus depends on alertness. Beverages, supplements or drugs that cause drowsiness and/or impair vision or judgment must not be taken while operating a bus.

Operators are responsible for getting enough rest so they are alert and safe when they report for work.

Emergency stops:  If, at any time, the bus driver has to make an emergency application of the brakes to avoid an accident or incident, it shall be considered an incident and an incident report will be filled out before the end of the shift.

Operators shall report any dangerous situations at bus stops/shelters such as ADA issues, snow, ice, trash, and obstacles to a Supervisor.