Policy  Procedure
  1. The Driver should not touch the money. After the driver inspects the amount of money paid the passenger will deposit each fare for the Regional Bus, in the fare box.
  2. Fares should be deposited from the inspection plate to the box after checking each fare. At no time should the operator let bills accumulate on the inspection plate.
  3. Under no circumstance is an operator to attempt to retrieve money from the fare box. If a passenger accidentally deposits the wrong fare, give her/him the office telephone number on it and immediately radio or call the Supervisor on duty to notify them of the incident. The passenger should contact the office to arrange for the return of the money.
  4. An accurate account of all passengers is to be kept on the summary sheet.
  5. All regional passengers must show the coach operator a valid pass, proper ID card, or pay the proper fare. No exceptions.
  6.  Our policy is that drivers do not make change.
  7. All used punch cards must be deposited in the fare box.
City Policy Revised: 11/12/2014