Policy Procedure
Fitness for Duty

All employees performing a safety sensitive function must report to work fit for duty.  This includes all drivers and supervisors.  The supervisor on duty is to determine if the employee is able to perform a safety sensitive function.

While our drivers have to get a DOT physical at least every 2 years, this section reserves the right for SST and the city to send an employee for an evaluation if they have shown an inability to complete the tasks outlined in their job description.


               City Policy

               State Law

               Federal Law


  1. The dispatch supervisor will check that all staff members are in uniform, aren’t under the influence of drugs or alcohol, have had adequate rest to perform safety sensitive duties, and aren’t under any other physical or emotional distress that may affect job performance and safety.  If an employee’s appearance or condition appears to adversely affect the employee’s job-related performance, the Supervisor may order the employee off his or her scheduled shift and may take the employee in for a reasonable suspicion drug test.  In this case, the employee must be given a ride home afterwards.
  2. Supervisors might observe behavior over time that may lead them to feel a staff member is no longer fit for duty.  This must be reported to SST management and/or the city HR department.  The city manager or HR department may order an employee to undergo medical (physical or mental) examinations or skill tests within a specified period of time.  Professional personnel acceptable to the City shall conduct medical examinations at City expense.
  3. Skill tests shall be conducted by City of Steamboat Springs designated personnel and shall be of a nature which can establish the employee’s capacity to maintain acceptable standards of work output and quality.  Upon completion of the examinations and/or tests, the HR department shall review the results, consult with the employee and make a written recommendation to the Public Works Director.  The recommendation may involve any of the following actions: no change in employment status; temporary or permanent reassignment; termination; various forms of leave; or continued employment on a conditional basis.


Steamboat Springs Transit                                                                            Item (F)                                                                                                Date:  8/31/2018