Policy Procedure

Attendance/Scheduled Reporting Time

Bus drivers must report to their assigned place of duty, ready to drive, no later than their scheduled report time.  This includes reporting on time at the beginning of a shift, for lunch relief, and for the second half of a split shift.

The city handbook states … Attendance: Regular attendance is important to the consistent execution of good work performance. Unsatisfactory attendance can be disruptive to the workplace and business and is unacceptable. Employees are expected to be at work and on time as scheduled. Absenteeism or tardiness that is excessive in the judgment of the City will not be tolerated.

















              City Policy

               State Law

               Federal Law

  1. All employees need to report for duty on time.
  2. Employees who are ill or unable to report for work must advise their direct supervisor in order to be authorized for the absence.  Any employee failing to do so is subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.   Notify your direct supervisor as soon as you realize you may be late or absent.  If you cannot get a hold of your direct supervisor you must the office or the on-call cell phone (970-846-1278).  Sending a text or leaving a voicemail is not sufficient.  A conversation with the appropriate supervisor must take place.
  3. Bus drivers absent from work must report their intention to return to either work or not work prior to 4 pm on the preceding day.  After 4 pm, if the office has not heard from an employee, the office will call someone else in to cover the shift.  The employee who did not notify the office will not work or be paid for showing up once another employee has been called to work.  Personnel absent due to prearranged appointments will be considered available for the next day’s assignment.
  4. An employee who is up to five minutes late is considered a “late arrival”.  An employee who is five or more minutes late is considered a “miss out”. After five minutes, if the office has not heard from the employee, the office will make an attempt to call that him/her.  If the employee is not reached, the office will call someone else in to cover the shift.  The employee who “missed out” will not work or be paid for showing up once another employee has been called to work.  An employee who has “missed out” will be subject to disciplinary action.
  5. If a shift is double assigned, the employee with the greatest seniority will be given the option of leaving.   If the senior employee wants to work the shift, the junior employee has the option of leaving or working an equivalent time at assigned duties if available.  If equipment is not available for an employee to work their shift they have the option of leaving or working an equivalent number of hours at assigned duties if available.
  6. All employees are required to come into the Transit Office and sign in the dispatch sheet for each portion of the assigned shift. This gives you an opportunity to check the bulletin board, receive any special instructions and let the office know you are physically able to drive/work.  Regional drivers starting their shift in Craig must sign in as soon as they arrive at the Transit Operations Center.
  7. All hours paid will be based upon the Kronos time clock and time sheet. “Employees must enter and approve their time each day.” It is the individual’s responsibility to sign in and sign out for each portion of the shift.  No employee is to sign in or out for another employee without a supervisor’s approval.  If there is an error or question about an individual’s time, they should contact the Administrative Assistant.
  8. Employees may exchange shifts with written prior approval from a Supervisor.  These exchanges must be accomplished within the Sunday through Saturday workweek.  Neither party can work in excess of 40 hours as a result of an exchange.
  9. See chapter 6 of the city employee handbook for all city policies on leave.


Steamboat Springs Transit                                                                            Item (D)                                                                                               Date: 8/8/2018