Initial Email:

Hello Transit Experts,

We are looking for feedback and thoughts regarding this recent question:

“Recently we posted an opening for our Transit Manager position (oversees all Transit operations and is also a liaison with the Town’s contracted parking company). We did not get many applications, and I am wondering if our pay is competitive. Our current range is $66,400-$99,600. Would you happen to have the pay of some similar positions? We are also wondering if there is any other comparable title for the position. Possibly “Transit Manager” is not conveying the proper position.”

If you would like to share please respond directly to me at [email protected] and I will be directing responses to the inquirer.


Responses (x4):

Geoff Guthrie, Summit Stage

“Our pay scale for Transit Operations Manager is $68,859 up to $110,174.  Our pay scale for Transit Director is $78,499 up to $125,600.  I don’t know what the hiring range would be like neither of those jobs is vacant here.  The salary range listed by the agency below seems a little low, in my personal opinion, based on the cost of living up here and trying to attract quality talent to the position.  But, I also don’t know the size of this person’s transit operation, and if it is similar to our operation for the sake of comparison.  I also will say- in my personal opinion- that in light of our cost of living here, I feel that my own employer’s salary range is too low.”

Will Jones, City of Greeley

“I would say a lot depends on location but seems on the low side.  Our transit managers range is below and they do not oversee parking.”


Thomas Christian, Buff Bus Service

“I haven’t seen the posting, but I’d be curious to see it.  From what I gather from the email below, the salary range is appropriate.  The title seems appropriate. ”


Jonathan Flint, Steamboat Springs Transit

“Our range is $79,000 – $114,580.”