Initial Email:

Hello Transit Experts,

I hope you are all doing well! We have a question from Geoff Guthrie at Summit Stage!

He writes: ” I am looking for my fellow mountain and resort transit agencies SOP governing tire tread depth and wear. Outside of the tire tread depth tolerances listed in the CO Commercial Driver’s Manual, do my fellow mountain agencies have more strict tire tread depth tolerances and/or tire tread wear allowances that govern their bus tire installation schedules? In other words, how far down does everyone allow their bus tires to wear before replacing them in the winter? Do they have set dates for running winter tires?”

If you would like to share with Geoff please email him at [email protected]. If you are willing to have your policies added to the Transit Resource Library, please copy Ivy at [email protected] on your email as well.


Responses (x1):

Orlan Dove, RFTA

“At RFTA, we adhere to a policy stricter than DOT guidelines.  We condemn steer tires at 6/32 and drive and tag tires at 4/32.  As far as winter goes,  RFTA maintenance performs a “Fall Seasonal” inspection as we approach ski season.  If during that inspection, tires are found to be close to our guideline, we will change those tires even sooner in anticipation of inclement weather. Hope this helps.”