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2020 Elkhart Coach ECII BOC Cutaway Bus (FTA-5310 Grant Vehicle Transfer)

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Our organization currently has in possession a 2020 Elkhart Coach ECII that was procured through the FTA-5310 Operating grant through Davey Coach for purposes of transportation for people with disabilities. Unfortunately, our transportation program has closed and therefore we're looking for other FTA-5310 subreceiptients within the Denver-Metro area that may be looking at taking delivery of this bus which we're no longer able to operate due to the program closure.

2020 Class D Elkhart Coach ECII Ford E450; 26 feet in length; total ambulatory passenger capacity = 14; total wheelchair capacity = 4. Approximate Mileage: 23,100


FTA-5310 Grant Transfer - TBD through CDOT

Location (City, State):

Aurora, Colorado

Contact Information:

Mark Messer

(303) 522-0785