Policy Procedure
Section 6.12 of the Personnel and
Administrative Regulations Manual (PARM)
specify “administrative” or “office”
Steamboat Springs Transit drivers are also
required to comply with the following
provisions of this section:
City employees are expected to exercise due care
in the maintenance of all uniform items.
Uniforms shall be neat and clean when reporting
to work. Although it is understandable that
employees in certain departments will be unable
to keep the uniform clean while working, they
should still strive to remain as neat in
appearance as possible (shirt tucked in, etc.).
When uniform items become unserviceable or
unsightly, employees shall report such fact to
his/her supervisor to initiate replacement.
Employees issued a uniform shall wear the
uniform at all times while on duty. If a cap or hat
is provided by the City, the employee shall wear
the cap or hat provided and shall refrain from
wearing a personal cap or hat.
1. At all times drivers must wear SST Logoed apparel as their outer layer, and ensure that their name tag is visible to the passenger.
2. For the winter season drivers may wear a SST jacket, coat, or vest. The SST name tag must also be visible to the passenger.
3. During the summer season drivers can wear a SST shirt, and the SST name tag.
4. Wearing a hat is optional, but if a driver wants to wear a hat it will be provided by
5. The Transit Manager reserves the right to determine what appropriate attire is.
6. Shorts may be worn in the summer season only.
7. Clothing should be clean, un‐torn, un‐patched, and well cared for.
8. Shorts and skirts should be of a length appropriate for a work atmosphere, (i.e. no
mini‐skirts, cut‐offs, or short shorts.)
9. No sweatpants are allowed. Drivers should look professional at all times.
10. No “tights” without appropriate outer‐wear.
11. No extraordinarily revealing clothing.
12. Apparel with drug, alcohol, smoking, sexual, or firearm related logos is not
13. Logo merchandise from other ski resorts is prohibited.
14. Footwear cannot interfere with the safe operation of the vehicle. It needs to have
adequate tread to keep good traction on the service brake and throttle pedals.
Footwear needs to provide adequate protection to prevent personal injuries.
Sandals need to have a heal strap as well as closed toes to provide adequate
15. Sunglasses must not interfere with the driver’s vision or be distracting. Ski goggles
are not appropriate while driving.
16. Uniform jackets are provided by Steamboat Springs Transit. SST retains ownership of
uniform jackets. The uniform jacket must be returned in good condition upon
separation from employment.                                               17. Fleece jackets will be provided for drivers. They will become the property of the
driver at the completion of a successful season. This jacket is to be worn over any
non‐uniform shirt at all times when in contact with the public.
18. Uniforms are to be kept clean at all times. Any destruction of the uniform over
and above normal wear and tear will be the responsibility of the employee. (This
may include purchasing of a new item)
19. Nametags must be worn at all times on the outer layer of clothing. Lost nametags
must be reported immediately.
20. PA Microphones and extension cords are issued as part of the uniform. Drivers
must bring them to work each day.
21. PA Mics that are broken will be replaced. If they are lost or damaged beyond
normal wear and tear the driver will have to buy the replacement.
22. Each individual must sign an inventory sheet and use agreement before the
uniform is issued. All articles must be returned before collecting final pay.
City Policy Revised: 9/2/2015