Policy Procedure
  1. In order to work on personal vehicles in the shop, the employee must sign a “Shop use agreement” prior to any work being done.
  2.  Only employees are permitted in the wash bay, shop, and storage facilities. Guests and members of the public are to remain in public areas unless invited into other areas with permission for business purposes only. Unless it is necessary, walking thru the wash bay should be avoided.
  3.  Plugging in of vehicles is allowed in the designated spaces only. There are 8 receptacles for use. No SST cords are to be used for plugging in. Steamboat Springs Transit is not responsible for any damage to vehicles or cords used.
  4. No unattended vehicles are to be left in the building unless there is specific permission granted.
  5. The owner must immediately clean up any residue left by the vehicle.
  6.  Use of all equipment including tools, mechanical equipment, computers, fax machine, and copier are restricted to authorized personnel only.
  7.  No pets are allowed in city facilities or vehicles at any time. If you bring your pet to work, they must remain in or tethered to your vehicle when you are not present. Any mess left by your pet is your responsibility to clean up. Any pet that becomes a nuisance will not be allowed to return to Transit property.
  8. Plugging into the network for internet access with your personal device is allowed, but only with supervisor permission. Please ensure you are visiting proper websites, and take care that you are not in a position to transfer a virus to the city’s network.
City Policy Revised: 11/12/2014