All expenditures shall be approved by the appropriate Director/Manager of each department in accordance with their approved budget. Each Director/Manager may delegate invoice approval for regular recurring expenses under $500 to a designated staff member. All unbudgeted purchases must be approved by the President/CEO. Check
requests shall be submitted in writing with backup documentation and the appropriate
signature before payment is issued. Finance department shall be responsible for keeping all
records as it relates to accounting matters.

Any expenditure in excess of $10,000 for the purchase of a single item should have bids
from three (3) suppliers if possible. These bids are reviewed by the Director of Finance and
the bid award must be specifically approved in advance by the President & CEO and the
Director of Finance. Reasonable diligence should be exercised to comparatively shop for
available sources for all fixed asset purchase. Any purchase made by a Board member on
behalf of the Agency will require prior approval by the President & CEO.

Regular, recurring expenses such as health insurance, utilities will not need 3 bids. These
contractors should be reviewed on a regular basis in order to determine if the Agency is
getting the most competitive pricing and service.

Accounts Payable Specialist is not authorized to approve any invoices for payment.
Expenditures outside of approved budget must be approved by the President & CEO prior to
committing to these expenditures.