The following minimum objectives must be observed when investing SRC assets:

  1. Achieve maximum yields on invested funds while assuring maximum (prudent)
    protection of principal utilizing eligible investments.
  2. Achieve, on average, a yield which exceeds the interest of conventional bank savings
    accounts. Deposits shall be in FDIC insured accounts or secured by U.S. Treasury
    obligations held by the depository institution.
  3. Maintain appropriate liquidity by choosing maturity dates consistent with operating,
    capital, or endowment requirements:

    1. Operating cash may be invested with maturities ranging from one day to one
    2. Capital funds earmarked for a building program shall be invested with
      maturity dates coinciding with estimated construction progress payment
      dates and with planned debt retirement dates.
    3. Total return from the endowment fund may be reinvested or used to fund
      program expansions, operating expenses and/or capital projects.