Policy Procedure







               City Policy

               State Law

               Federal Law

  1. Seniority will be based on total work hours paid, and will not be based on the status of full time vs. seasonal employment.
  2. All drivers’ hours paid will count toward seniority roster totals.  Seasonal Supervisors will accrue seniority along with Seasonal Bus Drivers.
  3. Seniority will be carried over from year to year for returning employees.  However, if any employee does not return for 8 months, he or she will begin with no seniority.
  4. Seniority records will be maintained in the Transit Office.
  5. For new employees, initial seniority will be based upon driving and test scores during the training class.  Better scores will receive higher seniority.  In cases where drivers have the same score, initial seniority will be based upon the score of the road skills portion of the CDL test.  After 400 hours, seniority will be based off the hours worked.
  6. All shift assignments shall be set up in the form of regular runs, which shall be subject to bidding on a seniority basis.  To be eligible to bid a run the operator must be able to drive that run for the duration of the period and in any assigned vehicle.