Policy Procedure

Payroll, On-Call, and Overtime

               City Policy

               State Law

               Federal Law

  1. Pay periods are two weeks. Payday is every other Friday (Holidays excepted).
  2. All full-time and all continuous part-time employees must use direct deposit to any qualifying financial institution for their pay.  Seasonal employees have the option to receive paychecks or have direct deposit.
  3. You are responsible for signing, in blue or black ink, all Steamboat Springs Transit documents including your time sheets.  You must record and approve your working hours in Kronos, and record the shift you drive written on the Dispatch Sheet, on a daily basis.  Hours are then transferred to your Employee Payroll Time Sheet.  If you feel a mistake has been made, please contact the Administrative Assistant.
  4. For anyone that is On-Call, you will be paid for 1 hour at 1.5 times your normal pay rate just for being On-Call.  If you are called out, you will go on the clock for your normal pay until you reach your full 40 hours for the week.  After the 40 hours are reached you will be paid overtime pay.  Being on-call is still performing a safety sensitive function and one is expected to be able to answer any call or show up on route to assist in a reasonable amount of time.
  5. Any employee, except executive, administrative, or professional staff who are considered “exempt” for the purpose of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), who is required to work in excess of: (1) forty (40) hours in any workweek or (2) more than twelve (12) hours in one work shift, whichever calculation results in the greater payment of wages, shall receive overtime pay for all qualifying hours.  For the purpose of overtime calculations, the week shall begin on Sunday at 5:00 a.m. and end Sunday morning at 4:59 a.m.
  6. Once the overtime qualifications have been met, overtime shall be paid at one and one half times the regular rate. Supervisors and/or the Operations Supervisor must authorize, in advance, all overtime. It is the operator’s responsibility to have the Supervisor initial the time sheet if a change in hours worked has occurred.
  7. Operators must notify SST if other employment causes them to exceed the Federal hours of service limitations as outlined in the FMC part 395 “Hours of service of Drivers” restriction on driving time.
  8. When overtime shifts are being offered, SST will ultimately keep the best interests of the department in mind and attempt to keep overtime costs to a minimum.  We will look to those who work the least amount of hours and attempt to spread the time out to various drivers.