Accident Procedures

An accident is defined as a collision or significant damage to person or property.

In accident situations, drivers are required to:

  1. Turn off their engines and check for injuries.
  2. Call the police or 911 and the Village Shuttle administration office.
  3. Help injured persons only to the extent feasible.
  4. Obtain names, addresses, telephone numbers, and lodging locations of the riders on the
    vehicle by using the Village Shuttle accident form (page 4).
  5. Exchange information with the other driver and obtain the driver’s name, address, phone
    number, license plate number, insurance carrier and policy number, and their vehicle
    make and model. This information is placed on the Village Shuttle accident form (page 1).
  6. Complete and file with the Village Shuttle administration office the four page TOSV –
    Village Shuttle Accident Form (Exhibit 1) before the end of their daily shift.

After an accident is reported by a driver, the Transportation Supervisor will investigate, take
necessary pictures, and require a police investigation to determine responsibility. Standard
information cards are located in all Village Shuttle buses describing the requirements for post
accident drug testing. The Transportation Supervisor will complete all forms necessary to initiate
post accident drug testing.

All accident report forms are reviewed by both the Transportation Supervisor and Transportation
Director and then forwarded to the TOSV Finance and Human Resources Department for
discussions with the TOSV insurance company.

Any accident of a vehicle on lien with FTA or State dollars that is withdrawn from service will be
reported by the Transportation Director to CDOT. Village Shuttle will follow all CDOT
requirements for managing insurance proceeds and reporting as detailed in the TOSV – Village
Shuttle Fleet Asset Management Plan (Appendix D).

Incident Procedures

An incident is defined as contact with a foreign object with minor consequence.

Depending on severity of the incident, a Transportation Supervisor will be sent to investigate and
complete a TOSV – Village Shuttle Incident form (Exhibit 2).

Tracking and Record Keeping

The Transportation Supervisor keeps logs of every incident and accident. Logs are kept by driver,
bus number, accident or incident type (based on cost or damage), cost estimate, and location.
Logs are tracked by year.