Village Shuttle currently receives revenue for the transit service provided by the Town under two
separate agreements.

  1. Aspen Skiing Company: Per TOSV Town Council Ordinance #9 of 1994, which approved a
    ski area expansion and land use application from the Aspen Skiing Company, the Aspen
    Skiing Company must appropriately subsidize free transit service within the TOSV per a
    Public/Private Agreement. Aspen Skiing Company provides an annual contribution to the
    Town transit service per skier visit to mitigate impacts of skier traffic in perpetuity. The
    per skier contribution is adjusted annually based on the cost of current season lift tickets.
  2. RFTA: Village Shuttle is under contract via an annual letter of Agreement with the Roaring
    Fork Transportation Authority (RFTA) to provide RFTA regional service in the spring and
    fall seasons. The contract for services was created using a cost allocation model that
    includes a charge for the capital equipment involved in the service. This is considered a
    fully burdened reimbursement for services rendered. Of mutual benefit is the cost sharing
    of the hour of service between the regional service and the local service. The regional
    service is operating 35 minutes out of the hour for one vehicle and the other 25 minutes
    is allocated to local service.