TPR/COG Regional Planning: Either the Village Shuttle Transportation Director or the TOSV
Public Works Director participate in the Transportation Planning Region (TPR) meetings held
quarterly with the dominant intent of being included in the annual updates of the Statewide
Transportation Improvement Plan (STIP) and Transit Plan for the TPR, which are required by
Federal and State law for FTA/State grant funding eligibility. Village Shuttle also participates in
meetings regarding the statewide transportation plan update and specific transit elements held
every five years. The TOSV sits on RFTA Board of Directors and coordinates with RFTA on all
regional planning elements.

Humans Service Transportation Coordination: The Village Shuttle is coordinating with the Pitkin
County Health and Human Services Department (“PCHHSD”) on the types and location of services
needed. Village Shuttle also maintains a relationship with the Northwest Colorado Council of
Governments’ (NWCCOG) Mobility Manager and has offered services such as shared training