The Village Shuttle follows all Town Municipal Code requirements for Nondiscrimination in
Employment and Services – Article XIII of Chapter 2: Administration and Personnel, and Policy
Number 21 in the Employee Handbook. It is the Town’s intent to provide equal opportunity in
employment for all persons regardless of race, religion, national origin, color, sex, age, or
disability where it does not impair job performance.

A formal EEO program plan is not required because the Town does not employ 50 or more transit
related employees and does not receive $1 million or more in FTA funds in one year.

It is the policy of the TOSV to provide equal employment opportunities to qualified individuals
without regard to their membership in any protected class. It is the intent and desire of the TOSV
that equal employment opportunity be provided in all aspects of the employer-employee
relationship including, but not limited to, the following: recruitment, hiring, promotions, lay-offs,
terminations, demotions, transfers, training, rates of pay, use of facilities and equipment, and
other terms, conditions, and privileges of employment. To enforce this policy, the TOSV and Village Shuttle employees will:

  • Recruit, select, hire and promote for all job classifications without regard to the job
    applicant’s/employee’s membership in any protected class (such as race, color, sex,
    national origin, religion, veteran status, marital status, age, physical or mental impairment
    or disability, or prior industrial injury);
  • Make all employment decisions based upon principles of equal employment
  • Ensure that all other human resource actions such as compensation, benefits, training,
    and conditions and privileges of employment, are administered without regard to any
    individual’s membership in any protected class; and
  • Provide equal employment opportunities to those who are disabled, provided they can
    carry out the essential functions of the position for which they are to be hired or to which
    they are to be promoted or transferred, including reasonable accommodations when
    necessary or warranted.

The TOSV and Village Shuttle Transportation Department notify all applicants and employees of
their rights by publicly posting EEO rights and statements in all job notices, job applications, and
common work areas.

Any alleged act or complaint inconsistent with the above policy is to be immediately reported to
the TOSV Finance and Human Resources Department for appropriate investigation and action
following all Town personnel procedures. All complaints are processed, investigated, and tracked
by the TOSV Finance and Human Resources Department.