Village Shuttle welcomes all customer comments and complaints. A process has been
established for riders and the public to make informal and formal complaints.

Customer complaints, comments, compliments, and lost & found claims may be voiced through
direct communication with the Village Shuttle administration office or via the TOSV website. The
website allows the public to report concerns about parking, safety, and/or public transportation.
For public transportation concerns, the Town offers multiple complaint forms for use. Topic areas
include: driver comments, compliments, and concerns; shuttle cleanliness and upkeep; shuttle
timeliness and reliability; and Village Shuttle bus stops.

Village Shuttle staff is responsible for detailed tracking, investigation, and timely resolution of
complaints. All complaints are logged in an electronic file system by type of complaint (service,
Title VI, ADA) and the Transportation Director monitors this file monthly to ensure all complaints
are properly investigated and resolved promptly. Procedures to investigate and resolve Civil
Rights related complaints (Title VI and ADA) are defined in further detail in the TOSV – Village
Shuttle ADA Policies and Procedures and Complementary Paratransit Service Plan (Appendix A).
Procedures for investigation of service complaints are identified in Section 5 of this manual.