1. Vehicles must be limited to a speed of five (5) miles per hour in SUCAP parking lots and driveways.
  2. Vehicles must be brought to a complete stop before entering the street and when entering or exiting a parking space, driveway, or alley.
  3. Be especially careful to avoid starting a vehicle with someone under it or working on it.
  4. Use extreme caution when moving a vehicle on the lot. If other vehicles are blocking your vehicle, see that they are moved sufficiently before attempting to back or pull out.
  5. When driving during the hours of darkness, dome lights must be off. Dome lights must be on when the vehicle is stopped and passengers are loading and unloading. It is acceptable for passengers to have individual dome lights on.
  6. Drivers seat belt must be fastened when vehicle is moving.
  7. Be careful walking through the garage and in the parking lot.